The European Youth Orchestra in Delos
May, 2022

On May 30th, the concert “ALPHA MISSION – DELOS and [The uncertain] four seasons” took place on the emblematic island of Delos; for the first time in its long history, the island of Delos hosted a classical orchestra. The young musicians of the European Union Youth Orchestra, coming from every corner of the old continent, met in the ancient centre of the world, Delos.

The European Union Youth Orchestra, the cultural ambassador of the EU, represents the European ideal of a community working together to achieve peace and social cohesion. The Orchestra brings together the most talented young musicians from all EU Member States, united by a common sense of European heritage, innovation, sustainability and the constant pursuit of excellence. It is this generation that, through concerted action and collegiality, can change the course of history for our home, the Earth.

What does it mean for a young, talented musician to get in touch with the historical past of our civilisation? Members of the Youth Orchestra talk about their unique experience in the video below.