Delos, every May and June, but also all year round in other locations around our planet will become a third space for humanity, both physical and virtual. In collaboration with space research centres around the world and leading innovative arts institutions, ALPHA MISSION – ΔELOS will bring together ground breaking scientists, artists and thinkers of different nationalities and ages.

Their aim being to create interdisciplinary projects that combine art with technology. A space where, in the age of Artificial Intelligence, we will always be reminded of the wisdom of the first AI, Ancestral Intelligence. Events, dialogues, gatherings that will combine Mythology, Art and Technology for the Regeneration of our planet are also going to run parallel to Artemis mission to the moon being broadcast and live stream.


Besides being a sacred and cosmopolitan urban centre, Delos was a model for the way it used its finite natural resources, adapting ideally to the ecosystem of the Cycladic Archipelago. Preserving a safe and sustainable environment in space and building sustainable elements on and around the Moon is a priority for the Artemis programme. Accordingly in Delos a holistic model of regeneration will be applied through a systematic regeneration of the flora and fauna of the island.



Through the use of the latest Technologies and an application specifically designed for ALPHA MISSION -ΔELOS visitors will have the unique opportunity to travel in time and experience Delos in different periods of history, interact with the space, the ancient monuments and other visitors.

In addition both visitors on the island and virtual visitors will  have the opportunity to become part of the Delos Community and young visitors of the ALPHA GENERATION,  a wider global community that inspired from the amazing mythological and historical strength of the island, will become ambassadors of the message of ALPHA MISSION – ΔELOS.